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Where is it appropriate for parents of the couple to meet



Couple both parents meet, is the natural thing, is to get married to preparations for the event, the two families without any intersection because this time the two saw each other to become the world's most close to the family, find a suitable time to meet the right location is an important thing, summarizes several more appropriate places have no idea of the new people look at together.


Home: generally speaking, the man should visit the woman's home on his own initiative, which shows respect to her family. If both parties agree to meet at the man's home, there is no problem. Meeting at home will bring you closer and closer. And it's more like a large family enjoying happiness without being disturbed by others.


Dining room: choose to meet in the restaurant. An independent room is necessary. The location is chosen by the woman first. Outside meetings are usually paid for by the man, and the overall environment and style of the restaurant are also required. The restaurant you choose should be quiet, the dishes are exquisite, and the taste of the dishes should be dominated by the woman first. The boyfriend should ask the girlfriend in advance, the family has what taboo, to be polite.


Hotel: the choice of meeting at the hotel indicates that the wedding is on the agenda. You can choose the hotel where you are going to hold your wedding. In addition to the meeting, your parents can also visit the hotel and make a decision on the spot. You can also discuss and divide up some of the substantive issues of the wedding.


Tea house, coffee shop: it is the pursuit of quality of life for parents to meet new people who choose cafes or tea houses. They need a comfortable environment to communicate. Quiet environment, melodious music like running water, in such an environment to meet, is very pleasant things, parents of both sides will be very comfortable.


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Wedding selection wedding dress studio notes!



New people, do you know what you should pay attention to when choosing wedding studios? In order to let the new people find the wedding photo studio that is satisfactory, hope to be helpful to you!

A, price

Wedding studios and other merchandise also have high school low - grade prices to choose from, there are also so-called famous bridal shops. Choose wedding dress must be based on your budget, in accord with wedding dress price to seek you need style, not superstition famous brand, not necessarily very high quality price, economic loss level, price level and the content is must after repeated comparison to weigh, don't think the price is the first choice of their own customized wedding studio

Second, the service

The service attitude of wedding dress shop staff will dominate the whole transaction process to consumers. The staff is the link between the consumer and the wedding shop. Wedding photography, from the signing of wedding dress bags to the completion of the transaction, plays an extremely important role. To gain the trust of consumers, the staff must be responsible and proactive, so that consumers can trust them to take charge of wedding photography. Therefore, it is an important reference index to select wedding photo studios to observe the response of other MM and the staff of the wedding dress shop and evaluate the service quality.

Three, photographs,

Photography is the most that can reflect the style of wedding dress photos and modelling the two important elements, can consumers about photography and modelling refer to friends and relatives or friends is the actual wedding dress photos, also you can read more on the market the bride magazine, find out their favorite style, wedding studio provide sample photos can reference can't completely believe that on the eve of pictures more communication with the photographers, stylists, use your best collection to show their wedding dress photo, wedding photography is to show new characteristic, so want to choose the most suitable for their own style.

Four, dress

Wedding dresses can be divided into photo taking and wedding reception, which is the only service you can see and enjoy. When choosing a dress for a photo shoot, focus on the cut and style.

Five, the gift

With the competition of wedding film studios getting more and more fierce, besides the price, gifts have become another means of promotion. Although rich gift is good for consumers, fashion wedding photography, but should pay attention to whether these gifts, lost use value after their marriage, so do their homework before taking pictures, valuable and practical gift for their planning, is an essential step. Remember, no amount of gifts is more meaningful than a personalized wedding photo.







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Do you know why a wedding dress is white?


At traditional Western weddings, the sacred and solemn oath of the pastor is a familiar romantic scene in everyone’s minds. The wedding ceremony is an oath ceremonial proof of the love of the two new people and swearing that they will be loyal to each other in the future. It is the swearing ground for the close relationship between the two families, and it is also the patron saint of human love.
Monogamy in the strict sense originated in medieval Western Europe under the influence of Christian morality. It spread throughout the world along with the process of industrialization and modernization. It completely changed the polygamous marriage system previously practiced by mankind. It can be said that the spread of western love concept and marriage system surpasses the spread of science and technology and political system, and becomes the classic of the spread of Western civilization in the world. This westernized wind has positively influenced people’s love concept to some extent, and promoted social equality and equality between men and women in the marriage life. There is no doubt that the promotion of the status of women and the well-being of the family have played a significant role in promoting.
In countries where Western religions and religions are united, marriage requires the priests' blessings and prayers in the church or town hall to get everyone's approval. At the wedding, the bride wears a wedding dress, usually a white dress with a white veil, to show sincerity and holiness. The gene for wedding dresses with European traditional ceremonial dresses is generally “A type” or “X type” with obvious feminine features. The detailed structure emphasizes layer through layers and creates a beautiful, mysterious and mysterious beauty. The fabric of the wedding dress is mostly georgette, ribbed silk, silk satin, and the like, and is decorated by techniques such as embroidery, inlay, and drawnwork; among them, the three-dimensional floral decoration of natural fabrics and the mica and gemstone mosaics constitute the most common pattern.
The overall mix of wedding dresses, head caps, facial shawls, neck garlands, hand mesh gloves, diamond rings on the fingers are all essential. The more classical wedding dress body bulges through the skirts to create a sense of body mass. A wedding dress with a strong ceremonial sense is often dragged, and the cuffs are exaggerated into tall, fluffy shapes, creating majestic momentum and noble and beautiful artistic effects.






What to watch when the bride wears a wedding dress


The bride should pay attention when wearing a wedding dress, no matter how beautiful the wedding dress looks, but if you don't wear underwear, it will make the wedding dress lose its beauty. A decent underwear is the basis for wearing a wedding dress. Underwear is the most intimate clothing and comfort is the most important. The design of wedding dresses is generally designed with strapless straps, so your underwear must be strapless. On the wedding day, wearing a wedding dress takes a long time, so underwear should not be too tight. This will make you feel uncomfortable and airtight. Buying a wedding dress or renting a wedding dress is also a good idea. When you try a bridal dress, you should also wear a good shoe. This will show you more perfect. The importance of the wedding shoes is second only to the wedding dress, and the bride's personality and wedding fun can be fully revealed by the wedding shoes. And, the wedding dress design inspiration can also come from the style of wedding shoes, to achieve the unity of the two. Usually, we recommend that the bride-to-be is to get her wedding shoes ready and go shopping. The role of a pair of wedding shoes is not only reflected in the appearance, it can also adjust the height of the two newcomers to the most harmonious difference, so the wedding shoes for the bride is also very important. Marriage wedding is more important. If you are about to get married in 2018, you may wish to refer to the above popular style wedding dresses to make your wedding more fashionable. When you try a wedding dress, you must match your shoes and underwear so that you will show you more perfect and be a beautiful bride.







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Personality wedding photos make you unique


1, more and photographer communication

Communication is very important for wedding photographs. Every couple must have their own ideas before they take a wedding photo, such as what kind of style they prefer, what kind of theme they want to express, etc. Your photographer communicates. Only after communicating, the photographer knows what kind of feelings you really want and you can customize your wedding photos according to your requirements.

2, carefully selected clothing

If you want to take a beautiful and personalized wedding photo, you must choose the right clothing. Newcomers hope to show their perfection through the wedding photo. The selection of clothing is very important. When choosing clothing, not only should you consider what kind of style you are suitable for, you should also consider the background of the shooting, and then consider comprehensively from aspects such as style and color. In order to make your wedding photos more personal, newcomers can also bring their own lovers.

3, try on

Wedding dresses are best to be tested in advance! Do not be afraid of trouble, just to be able to take the most beautiful wedding photos. There are two benefits of try-on, the first is to see if they are suitable for this dress, the size is appropriate, and the other is to see if the two clothes in advance with a harmonious, so that on the day of shooting can save a lot of change clothing Time, and more confident.

4, hairstyle

When new people are doing modeling, different wedding photos can be used with different hair styles. When doing hair styles, you must set the colors and styles of your dresses in advance and inform your stylist so that he can use it according to your situation. You are tailor-made. It is worth reminding newcomers that if a new person wants to change his hairstyle before taking a wedding photo, it is best to be half a month in advance so that he can adapt to the time.

5, bring their own shoes

Bringing your own shoes also has two advantages. The first one is that the shoes inside the bridal salon are worn by everyone. It is not possible to guarantee his hygiene, and the size is not necessarily appropriate. If the shoes are not suitable, especially if the bride's high-heeled shoes are not suitable, If you have a foot, you may also experience unexpected situations. Therefore, you bring your shoes for safety and health. The second benefit is that although the shoes do not appear much time, but select a pair of wedding shoes with personality, once the lens shot shoes, will become the highlight of the photo, make your wedding more personalized oh!





The meaning of white wedding dress


White, as the mainstream color in wedding colors, has a deep historical root. During the reign of the Saviour, women’s social status was very low. People value women’s virginity. Women must keep themselves alive before marriage. This idea is also reflected in the color of the bride’s wedding dress. Some places in the past have stipulated that white wedding dresses are the patents of young girls, while women who have married or have lost their bodies cannot wear white wedding dresses. People think that on the wedding day, the bride should be the purest and most beautiful, and white is the only one that can be pure with her. The beauty is comparable to the color. The white wedding dress represents the purity of the heart and the innocence of a child. In the latter period, it evolved into a symbol of virginity. At this point, white wedding dresses were basically passed down as wedding dresses, and were gradually accepted around the world.

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Wedding photos are all about fashion and nature



I think every bride wants to have natural and fashionable wedding photos. How can we take wedding photos that make people feel relaxed and beautiful?

1. Clean makeup: wedding photo makeup should not be too thick. Can use bead light pink to emphasize the reflective feeling of T area and triangle area to highlight skin simple sense,. Powdery bottom wants to hit frivolous, labial ministry can daub a few labial color. Makeup look key is in eyebrow ministry and each eye ministry, want to strengthen to eyebrow, eyeliner and eyelash decorate with depict.

2, headwear, commonly used with all kinds of yarn, charming and delicate crown, flower hair ornaments, beads, crystal, etc., in addition to the veil, the use of other accessories is given priority to with appropriate small ornament, in the preservation of whole hair style is concise, atmospheric at the same time, with some small bride yourself beloved jewelry ornament to enhance hair texture, rich feeling and stylish.

3, the marriage gauze of concise: marriage gauze can choose the sort of concise design, fabrics and hang down feeling better, and skirt surface with a layer of gauze, best can make the bride looks more light and more feminine.

4. Classic continuity style features in the tradition: the cloth light is more complex, with the light to emphasize and shape the three-dimensional sense of the characters. The style and the scene are simple as a whole.

5. The superimposed style features of fashion and retro: bold attempt to contrast and combine various seemingly different styles. Continuous light source is used during shooting, so the light intensity is weak, so the color temperature changes greatly and the depth of field is easy to be controlled.

6. The beautiful flowing style features in the light elegant: the use of the fake digital background and different wedding dresses, mainly in the light elegant tone, the performance of elegant, pure feeling and sweet feeling.

7. The coexistence of high profile and freehand brushwork features: high profile, freehand brushwork and romance. The picture should make the viewer feel the extension of emotion and the pleasant aesthetic feeling from the picture.



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Various types of wedding dresses wear different results

In the face of hundreds of beautiful dresses in the wedding dress studio, our bride must have taken a good look. I tried everything one by one. Each one is particularly beautiful. I can't wait to wear all the wedding dresses here. Only meet, in fact, each wedding dress has a different design to suit the crowd to wear, and not every type of wedding dress is suitable for them, then we can choose according to their own body and wedding dress staff to recommend wedding dresses, So how to choose a wedding dress, which dress is more suitable for themselves? Hangzhou wedding can shoot it yourself

? Today Xiao Bian came to give you a detailed introduction!

In the wedding photos, the character is most prominent is the face and neck and shoulder parts, so when choosing a wedding dress must grasp these two points, such as some lotus leaf collar wedding dress style will open the most women The sense of clavicle comes up against the background to make our bride feel more xing. If you choose some U-shaped collar dress, will make the bride's face and neck have elongated visual effects, the overall effect of the wedding photos taken out will be even better!

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Night wedding photos to keep the memory of love

When the first snow fell in 2018, we immediately went to the wedding photography building and asked the photographer to break the appointment convention and photographed the wedding photographs in the snow. I did not expect the photographer to promise it. Weak and heavy snow brought us to Campbell Street and we photographed one of the most precious photographs in the night. Maybe we were the first new pair to take a wedding photo in the snow this year...” On the evening of January 3, Beijing Snow Flying around, people are wearing thick down jackets, hats and scarves, while Miss Yue wears a thin wedding dress and photographs a group of wedding photos in the snow and sweethearts. Although she is dressed in a cotton shawl, Miss Yue The exposed neck and arms were still blue, but thought of the commemorative value of this group of photos, they thought, “This is the first time in my life. Snow drifted down, accompanied by lights falling on new wedding dresses, dresses, falling on hair, palms, and falling on young faces. All this was captured by the photographer.

This will clean the stains left by the wine, such as red wine and oyster sauce. This contains a lot of stress, selected before the election wedding period. (Reporter Yu Haibo) “We fell in love on a snowy day five years ago and we must take wedding photographs in beautiful winter.” The Bride Crown reporter learned from Venus Wedding Photography, Dragon Photography and many other chain photo studios. In the end, the first snow of the New Year provided a natural studio for newcomers who were planning to take a wedding photo. Many newcomers called and said they wanted to take a wedding photo in the snow, but because the photographer’s schedule was not open, only A small number of new people have got their wish, and some of the newcomers have chosen to shoot in new cities such as Wangjing and Yizhuang, while others have chosen places such as Drum Tower and Shichahai where there is quite a taste of old Beijing.” In more than one hour, the couple photographed the couple. More than 30 precious photos. In the cold, the newcomer caught the snow and photographed a group of the most precious photos (photo provided by the wedding photography company). “This is a real snow wedding photo, real and lively, too rare, artificial snow scene in the studio can not be compared. Because all people will let you try what she thinks is the most beautiful and suitable for your wedding dress.

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The legend of the wedding dress

With regard to the origin of wedding dresses, such a beautiful legend has spread widely in the West.

In the 16th century, the European Irish royal family loved hunting. On a midsummer afternoon, the Count Richard with a shotgun and riding a horse in the small town of northern Ireland, met Miss Rose at the riverside laundry. The Count Richard suddenly fell in love at first sight, and was deeply attracted by Miss Rose's innocent and elegant temperament. At the same time, Miss Rose also left a deep affection for the handsome and upright Richard Earl.

The Count Richard, who had returned to the court for the hunt, offered the idea of ??greeting Rose, and the royal family was uproared and resolutely opposed the defense of the imperial lineage. In order to make the Earl give up, the royal family put forward a requirement that was almost impossible to achieve at that time. She hoped that Miss Rose could sew a white robe overnight (in the habit of not wearing white yarn at the time) and its length should be covered. The distance from the marrying table to the church gate of the Irish Royal Family Church.

After the request was made, Miss Rose actually went to sleep with the entire town’s residents and worked together to sew an exquisite 16-meter white robe before dawn, which was a white robe. When the Royal Family was sent to the Irish Royal Family the following day, the members of the Royal Family were deeply touched. Under the promise of the King of Ireland and the Queen, they completed a fairy-tale divine wedding...

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Lovers' wedding photos express romantic love stories


Walking on the road, you can see pairs of young lovers in love clothes walking in front of you from time to time. Take wedding photos, love you will choose what style of wedding photos? Try the couple's wedding photos and write the most romantic love story.

For couples who are in love, there are more choices, and different styles of wedding photos allow people to choose. The bride wedding photography studio can create different styles of wedding photos, but these are man-made, the beauty of new itself has not been shown, only their own feelings, only more dynamic personality into wedding photos, lovers wedding photos is so a. It doesn't need any special effects, it needs the feeling of affection, love and intimacy that the new couple shows when facing the camera.

How should couples take wedding photos? You seen t-shirts are the same, in addition to size, lovers wedding photos handsome groom dress, no colorful wedding dress, there is only one ordinary clothes, with some little movements showed the greatest happiness, this is lovers wedding photos. Without expensive items, a little marshmallow is filled with endless love.

What's the style of your wedding photos? If you have not chosen your wedding style, you can try a couple photos, need not oppressed by the studios expensive wedding dress, need not cost your distressing, a gentle kiss, a caress movement can let your love show.

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Wedding dress


Lightweight wedding dress, such as white butterfly, smart and beautiful.

With a thick sweet, with little butterflies, the bride out of the boudoir, like a cocoon butterfly, is dressed in a light and homogeneous marrying yarn, extending from the atrium to the point of the foot, as if to open the soft and white wings to fly towards a bright and happy light.

The wedding dress, which is perfectly integrated with the delicate and charming, is well tailored and decorated.

Smooth and dynamic lines, crystal clear and exquisite, depicting the graceful posture.

One side shoulders are beautiful and elegant.

The fluffy skirt, layered, and full of three-dimensional and fresh air feel like a white tulip in bud, giving out a charming spring day.

The beautiful small gauze is full of quiet and elegant Princess breath.

Tailor the upper part of the body and outline the shape of the mistake.

Delicate and delicate lace is permeated, such as the sweet love, which is full of sweet memories.

It was decorated with crystal, crystal clear.

Yingying skirt, pure white beauty, the graceful yarn, the long lace of the skirt is beautiful, and the steps are graceful.

A wedding dress with a female style is extremely beautiful, and it does not stain fine dust.

The simple flat mouth breast is embellished with thick and small flowers. Each petal is delicate and white, and each flower is delicate and fragrant.

The waistband of the coffee naturally hangs down, and the beautiful bow stops at the waist.

The unblemished gauze skirt is full of fresh and floating fireworks.

The whole wedding dress seems to fall into the spirit of the world. The gentle healing spirit is romantic.

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Choose the right wedding dress for each bride's body

Many brides have no better idea of what kind of style they are suitable for in their wedding gowns. Nowadays, no matter wedding dresses are photographed or wedding dresses are often chosen by the bride themselves. However, according to the different shapes and sizes of each bride, how to choose the wedding dress according to their own body shape.

The bride chooses wedding dress of different figure 1, thin bone feeling model

For a bride who is too thin or too skinny, which can make her look weak and want to shine at the wedding, shara recommends a multi-tiered, false-leaf princess dress to enhance the visual fullness. You can also choose a style that tightens your chest, which will make you look cuter. The sleeves can be long, lacy or mid-length, and don't worry about looking too puffy, they'll just plump up your body and make you look radiant.

The bride chooses her wedding dress in different shapes. 2

You want to look slimmer on your wedding day, so choose a simple, straight-cut dress and dress. The design of the waist and skirt should avoid heavy and complicated as far as possible, with simple as appropriate, excessive adornment can make the body more expansive in imperceptible, appear bloated; Can choose hemline slightly fleeciness princess style, but should not be too big, too big skirt is met outspread bottom half body; Low collar is preferred, and v-neck is preferred to make the body line longer. The lace flower of adornment appropriate chooses thinner plane bud silk.

The bride chooses her wedding dress of different figure 3, too plump model

If you have a larger upper body, it is recommended that you choose a wedding dress with simple upper body design and the advantages of chest line. You can refer to the inverted pear shape of the bride's wedding dress selection method. If you have A fuller lower body, it is recommended that you do not choose A wedding dress with wrinkles and folds as the focus of the design. A-line skirt is the best. Also can refer to the pear shape bride's wedding dress choice method.

The bride chooses her wedding dress in different shapes

A tall and slim figure is the dream of many women, but the thinness of the bone sense gives the bride a feeling of bamboo pole. On the wedding dress choice, the principle is to promote the height and cover the thinness. Line of upper part of the body should be changed more, to avoid vertical lines, wedding photos take a name, can choose thick lace flower as decoration; Enhancing the shoulder design can make you look more energetic, such as adding shoulder pads, exaggerated bubble sleeves and lotus leaf design, and long sleeves with lace decoration. In addition, you still can choose the collar that opens smaller or stand collar, collar adds a few adornment, do not want to make the upper part appears too thin bare.

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Choose the perfect wedding dress

When new person is trying on marriage gauze perhaps can not know oneself suit the marriage gauze of what design and agony, marriage gauze chooses clever method to teach you to choose the marriage gauze that suits oneself quickly, show the most beautiful oneself.

Choose your wedding dress according to your body

Different figure suits the marriage gauze of different design, so when choosing, the first point is to want to choose according to his figure, the person with line of the half body below not beautiful as far as possible with peng skirt design give priority to cover, must not choose the design of line like fishtail skirt. Meat flesh is small abdomen, waist is thick person, can choose between the marriage gauze that has design of line of inverted triangle between the waist, or the marriage gauze that tall waist baby installs design, will realize transfer upper part of the body, show elegant line.

Wedding dress option 2. Butterfly arms

Can choose to have integral cape to design, or oneself look for a shawl that can match each other to come to regard as modelling ornament cover arm, also do not show abrupt in cool autumn season, do not choose as far as possible shoulder belt is too fine marriage gauze, lest form bright contrast with shoulder.

Choose the perfect wedding dress. 3

The person with too thin bodily form had better avoid to choose too low bosom or bare degree tall design, the person with too full-figured upper body is designed with simple and low-key elegant clipping for the key, too the design of heavy and complicated, can have the illusion of the back of tiger instead.

The ultimate wedding dress option

There are three kinds of wedding dresses: small, medium and large. As the name implies, the difference between these three types of tail is the length of the tail. If the wedding is held in a chapel, it is recommended to wear the tail, which is more convenient for walking. If it's in the cathedral, it's enough; If it is outdoor, the venue is relatively large can wear a large tail, more style of the wedding.

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How to take the most beautiful seaside wedding photos


The sea has always been a place for people to flock to. When shooting wedding photos, many new couples usually choose the sea view. In front of the magnificent ocean, they feel comfortable and quiet. Many couples are so overjoyed that they forget to think about it. Here are some tips for taking wedding photos on the beach.

First, there is no dressing room for wedding photos on the beach, so the bride should remember to bring a pair of tight jeans without pockets when shooting wedding photos on the beach, so that we can shoot wedding photos again and wear them inside, so that the wedding dress will not go out when changing.

Second, in the seaside wedding photos, we can take a hat that we think is very photogenic, an umbrella, and a simple and generous bag that can be photogenic and can hold things. Because when we shoot seaside wedding photos, it's usually in the summer.

Mosquitoes are more abundant in summer, so we should prepare some mosquito repellent and other related products before taking wedding photos.

Third, don't forget to prevent bask in summer for their wedding photos, even if taken at the beach, didn't also remember to prevent bask in sunshine, sea wind damage is not small, at the time of going to the beach for their wedding photos we want to take a few casual as far as possible, so that when filming we can wear our own clothes, also can choose a larger, more important thing if have wedding pictures taken by the sea and encounter the bad weather, we can also have a change of clothes. Wedding photography reminds new couples to remember to take their own comfortable shoes, oh great role.

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In summer, brides wear miniskirts and wedding gowns with unique beauty


In the hot summer, the appearance of mini skirt wedding dress is a blessing for petite brides, it can let us in front of the guests and friends happy show the beautiful legs of the bride, let our body in the visual ratio of those runway models, easy to become the "jiao" female.

High-waisted strapless skirt has the same sex appeal as the bathrobe, some of the embroidery flower patterns, can enhance the whole delicate feeling of wedding dress.

The traditional style of ultra-short princess dress suggests bride-to-be to make a breakthrough in the shape of the veil and try to create a unique cloud shape for decoration.

The skirt is long at knee the condole belt white skirt is pure feeling and generous, xiamen marriage gauze is photographed and have the intellectual flavour of city small white skirt, suit to match the deserve of element of pearl.

The drooping sense of chiffon and the sense of light are very suitable for matching with white rose or peony flowers. In order to reflect the happy mood of swing dance skirt in the happy bride's style, it is suggested to choose the hairstyle with rising sense.

The thick texture of the peng peng skirt, the length of the wedding dress photography of taobao.com in xiamen and the length of the floor-length skirt, it is suggested that the bride-to-be chooses the shawl with multiple layers of hard crape to echo the sense of expansion of the skirt.

Black lace is very special in the bridal wedding dress style, and is suitable for the bride to wear in the evening wedding, to set off its mystery. The bowknot before the bosom has the characteristic of academic school design, suit to match the headdress with same simple sense.

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